Nextmove Technologies manufacturers automated antenna path alignment solutions for microwave backhaul radios and antennas. Our LinkAlign series of automated antenna pan and tilts include Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation with a built in GPS, compass and web based user interface. LinkAlign communicates directly with your radio to provide closed loop antenna peaking which optimizes link performance.

Our products support both commercial and government networks providing rapid deployment solutions to critical communications infrastructure. Our products are ideal for any mobile application such as Cellular on Wheels or Mobile Command Centers.

Deploy backhaul networks in minutes and allow dynamic optimization remotely. All while saving operation and deployment costs. 

nextmove technologies

Product Features:

  • Power over Ethernet Operation:
    • All products are powered and controlled over a single Ethernet cable
  • Web Based User Interface:
    • No special software to load or maintain. Use any computer, tablet, or smart phone with a web browser to access LinkAlign product
  • Embedded GPS and Compass:
    • All products self-locate with GPS and self-align with on board compass
  • On board stored locations database:
    • All products store target locations in an on board database
    • All products allow upload from sight planning tools like Pathloss to populate on board database
  • Closed Loop Radio Signal Strength Peaking:
    • All products add closed loop peaking and tracking options

Typical Applications:

  • Emergency management:
    • Rapidly install microwave PtP, PtMP, and Satellite communications
  • Commercial COW or COLT deployment:
    • Rapid deployment of PtP backhaul transport layer
  • Ship to Shore or Ship to Ship:
    • Offshore maritime applications.
    • Navy, Coast Guard, Commercial Ferry Routes, offshore oil production
  • Border Security:
    • Wideband communications to backhaul surveillance
  • Oil & Gas:
    • Off shore mobile exploration, drilling, and production communications
  • News Gathering:
    • Communications between live vehicles and news production to networks